Chapter Dinner- Navigating The Virtual/Hybrid World



Presentations are hard enough face-to-face, but now that they’re conducted virtually, they’re introducing a host of new challenges. How do you connect with an audience when sometimes you can’t even see them? How can you be yourself when the setup feels so awkward? How do you represent a unified front when all of the team members are presenting from different locations?

The good news is, there are techniques to harness and benefits to harvest, and they come from the last hundred years of film and television.

This session focuses on the art of screen presence, recognizing that if virtual delivery is challenging for everyone involved in an interview, then improving your ability can produce a genuine competitive edge.

Over the course of this dynamic session, we’ll combine lecture, group conversation, and paired exercises to provide a thorough skill-building experience that will leave participants with the tools and techniques for:

  • Creating a professional look in front of a camera
  • Projecting confidence under pressure
  • Forging warm connections with remote audiences
  • Capturing and sustaining audience attention through natural and dynamic body language
  • Tag-teaming to demonstrate team synergy


7:00-7:15 PM | Introductions and announcements 
7:15-8:15 PM | Presentation 
8:15-8:30 PM | Q&A and sign-off

Date & Time: Monday, September 19 @ 7:00 pm
PDUs: 1.00 - Leadership

Dean Hayers, SagePresence, Founder & Principal

A seasoned speaker, expert storyteller, and co-author of the new release Winning Virtual AEC Interviews, Dean has coached over $6 billion in winning competitive presentations with Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms. Dean inspires teams to represent their value with boldness and authenticity, sharing ownership in their win, putting his head and heart in the game. Dean has presented at numerous associations around the US, including both national and regional conferences.




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9/19/2022 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Central Daylight Time

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