Outreach Bismarck/Mandan - Virtual Lunch Event

Outreach Bismarck/Mandan - Virtual Lunch Event
Join us for a virtual lunch and learn with this session on change management!

The world is constantly changing, in our personal lives and in business. Static, or steady state, is comfortable but does not move us forward. When we are confronted with change, whether through internal or external influence, Project Managers can influence positive change and growth by doing what we do best: plan and provide structure. In this session Anthony will discuss how NISC applies Jeffrey M. Hiat’s ADKAR (Awareness – Desire – Knowledge – Ability – Reinforcement) method for change and will share personal change lessons learned throughout his career.

Speaker: Anthony Wild, Enterprise Project Facilitator for NISC

Anthony Wild is an Enterprise Project Facilitator for NISC working with new Telecom and Utility members since July of last year. As part of that role he coaches executive teams on change management and building a framework for helping their employees through the change to NISC software. Before coming to NISC, he took time off from career pursuits to finish his bachelor’s degree in management and administration at the University of Iowa. From 2001 to 2019, Anthony worked in the telecommunications industry, first in marketing, then as a senior project manager, and finally as a consultant.
PDUs: 1.00
Cost: FREE
6/29/2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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