ProfDev: 2023 PMI MN Agile Day

We invite you to join our 2023 PMI MN Agile Day to help teams, leaders, and organizations become agile—in real life.



Organizations that are true leaders in their field are ones that create customer requirements to which their competitors must respond. Their highest priority is the early and continuous delivery of value, be it product or service. They connect, surprise, and succeed. They avoid friction and bureaucratic nonsense. They embrace change, even late in the process. They value pride in craftsmanship, honor their commitments, and do all of this while maintaining a sustainable work pace.

These teams, these leaders, these organizations do all of this in a world that is becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. What sets these entities apart? They are Agile, focused on adapting to change, delivering their value faster and realizing their full potential in a more efficient and effective manner.

“Agile” is the answer to working smarter. This is how you achieve competitive advantage and prosper in times when the rate of change is no longer racing up some line of ever-increasing slope, but where it has gone vertical and has become ambient.


Michael O’Connor PhD, MSPM, MSTM, MBA, PE - President, PMI Minnesota  Dawn Nicole Mcllwain – COO Skilldora: Certified Agile Coach and Agile Transformation Expert Practitioner Mike Stuedemann (PMP, PMI-ACP, CST, CLP, and CARS™) – Co-Founder & Partner agilityIRL   Jeff Lee (PMP, PST, CARS™ and CLP) - Partner agilityIRL




Program Highlights:

Michael O’Connor   Opening by President of PMI Minnesota 
Dawn Nicole Mcllwain
(Certified Agile Coach and Agile Transformation Expert Practitioner) 

Opening Keynote 1:  Understanding Agile Transformation In A NEW World

Understanding agile in a New world is a talk that deep dives into how agile has changed from where it started to what it is today based on the growing demand of enterprises.
The Enterprise Agile Transformation Services Market is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. and predicted to be an $18. Billion-dollar market by 2026 as organizations of every size, scale and sector share a growing need to deliver products to customers faster, sleeker and smarter.
This means Project Managers, Scrum Masters and those certified in Agile, will need to understand the many moving parts of Enterprise Agile Transformations, their role within this journey and how to effectively lead and support their teams before, during and after Agile Transformation.

Attendees will:
•       Learn why thinking out-of-the-box is preferred over following a script and how critical thinking in agile is more important than following one methodology
•       Get key Strategies for Motivating Agile Mindsets
•       Find Out Pro-Tips for acclimating quickly to new teams.

Learning Objectives:
Ability for PMs to use advanced agile leadership strategies for:

  • Acclimating quickly to new teams
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Leading Through Change
Jeff Lee & Mike Stuedemann (Agile/Scrum Coach)

Session I -The Shifting Role of an Agile Leader

In this presentation, we explore how the role of a leader must change when moving to an Agile way of working. The presentation begins with a definition of leadership in the 21st century. With that definition as foundation, we then compare and contrast how leaders, like project managers, need to shift to focusing on managing the system, versus the people, in order to be successful in an Agile environment. During this discussion, we highlight various aspects of any system that a leader must monitor and adjust. Participants leave with a number of actionable items that can use immediately to maximize value as a leader in an Agile environment.

Learning Objectives:
Define Leadership
Recognize why traditional management responses can be detrimental in modern complex environments
Compare the traditional management mindset to the mindset required to create a culture of learning
Identify leadership traits that support knowledge workers and a culture of learning
Identify actionable steps that a leader can take to improve the delivery of value

 Jeff Lee & Mike Stuedemann (Agile/Scrum Coach)

 Session II -Project Manager vs. Scrum Master- A Crossfire Discussion


In this presentation, a series of common project challenges will be presented in case study format. The two presenters will confront each of these challenges from the perspective of either a traditional Project Manager or a Scrum Master. Participants will be encouraged to share their perspective on the challenge presented as well. Participants leave the session with a better appreciation of the different perspectives that each role brings to these challenges, as well as a set of lessons that they can apply to their own work regarding of role or approach.

Learning Objectives:

Differentiate how a good Scrum Master and a good Project Manager might respond to the same situation
Identify the stances of a Scrum Master
Recognize that both Scrum Master and Project Manager stances are valid but achieve different outcomes.

Target Audience  Who will benefit from attending?
Persons in transition or seeking new careers
Current PMP®? and/or CSM, PSM, SAFe, credential holders
The Project / Program Manager chartered to lead agile teams
A Product Manager working in an Agile adopted environment
The CxO, VP, or a Director of Engineering, Operations, or Customer Care
A Software Developer or a QA Engineer
An Engineer and Technologist in Software, Hardware or Networking
 PDU's 6.5 PDU (3 Ways of Working, 3.5 Power Skills)
Registration / Pricing  Members:
Early bird: $99.00 (until April 15th)
Member Standard Price: $129.99
Early bird: $110.00 (until April 15th)
Non-Member Standard Price: $135.00
Other Chapters/ Board & Operations Committee members: 20% Discount
Corporate Discount: 15% (contact Chair Professional Development [email protected])
Cancellation Policy  This event is hosted professional development committee, held for the benefit of its members. The registration fee paid is based on the registrant's ability to commit to attendance, ahead of time. The registration fee will not be refunded for any reason, other than event cancellation, after normal business hours (5:00 PM, Central) on the registration deadline day. The PMI - Minnesota Chapter Professional Development Committee reserves the right to make last-minute changes to program content and speakers, as circumstances dictate.


Speakers Speaker's Biography
 Michael O'Connor, PhD


Dr. Michael O'Connor is Director of Strategy and Project Management with Medtronic Corporate Science and Technology in Minneapolis, Minnesota (17+ years of Medtronic experience). He has over 34+ years of professional work experience and 29+ years of professional experience (mainly in project, program and portfolio management) in the medical device industry. He is currently on the Board of Directors as the President for the PMI Minnesota chapter and is the Medtronic liaison for the Minnesota PMI chapter. He is also the representative for Medtronic on the PMI Global Executive Council. He will be a Director at Large with the Product Development and Management Association in 2020-2023 and is a former Director at Large for the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA). He is a Community Faculty member at Metropolitan State University, as well as an Adjunct Faculty instructor at the College of St. Scholastica and the University of Wisconsin, Platteville, that is teaching graduate level Project Management, Portfolio Management, Project Capstone, Procurement, and Culture/Organizational course(s)

 Dawn Nicole McIlwain


Business Agility Expert & Globally Accredited Trainer & ex BCG'er Dawn Nicole McIlwain, uses advanced Agile techniques to produce high impact training courses at scale.


 Mike Stuedemann


Mike is a seasoned veteran and Agile pioneer, having personally led multiple adoption efforts in numerous organizations of varying kind, size and station. Mike is one of only ~250 Certified Scrum Trainers on the planet; a world-class athlete in the Scrum world, he is a consistently highly rated trainer, coach and consultant.


 Jeff Lee


After beginning his career in developer, business analyst and testing roles, Jeff spent 10 years as a PMP-certified project manager, running large programs for a variety of Fortune 500 clients, then pivoted to focus on Agile development. He has worked as a ScrumMaster and Program Manager in Agile environments. Having earned his stripes working in Agile adoptions in real life, Jeff now teaches and coaches Agile at the individual, team, and management levels.






5/13/2023 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Central Daylight Time

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